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If your home is like most in the U.S., it contains a network of air ducts to distribute cooled and heated air from the central heater and AC to the different rooms. You don’t see much of this duct network because it remains hidden behind walls and running through crawlspaces and little-used utility rooms. Although this helps keep your home looking pleasant, it also makes it hard to know when the ductwork has developed air leaks that need sealing.

Unfortunately, these air leaks present a serious problem for the HVAC system and for the quality of the air in your home. To fix the trouble, call AAP Home Services and ask for duct sealing services. We will restore the integrity of the vital ductwork in your home using the best sealing methods available.

The heating and cooling experts at AAP Home Services offer professional duct sealing in Riverside, CA and throughout the Inland Empire.

Duct Sealing

How to Tell You Need Air Duct Sealing

With the ductwork hidden from sight, how can you know to call for duct sealing? Here are a few signs to watch for that will give you a heads up that it is time to call HVAC professionals to investigate the ducts:

  • A drop in airflow from the vents: Even a small leak along the ducts will cause a decline in the air pressure inside them, and this will cause a drop in the amount of airflow coming from the room vents. Call for duct specialists if you notice weak airflow when the heater or AC is on.
  • Musty smells from the vents: Because ductwork runs through closed–in areas of a house that often contain large amounts of dust and dirt, they will pick up a distinct odor through any air leaks. Have strange smells from the vents looked into right away.
  • High energy bills: When you notice a spike in your energy bills during a time when either the heater or the AC is running on a regular basis, the cause may be that the loss in air pressure from leaky ducts is forcing the system to work harder. Any sudden increase in your energy bill is a reason to call HVAC experts, since other problems could lie behind it.

Why You Need Professionals for Duct Sealing

No, you cannot use duct tape to seal ducts on your own. For one, it is difficult to access the ducts without training and the right equipment. For another, standard cloth–backed duct tape isn’t even useful for ducts, since it cannot stand the temperature changes that happen inside them. You must call for duct sealing technicians to handle the job. Professionals use tools such as mastic sealant and metallic tapes to provide durable sealing. They can also reach your ducts without risk of causing additional damage.

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You can depend on the professionals at AAP Home Services to take care of the problems with your ductwork. We use the finest equipment and our technicians are NATE–certified so you know you are receiving high quality service. When the integrity of the ducts in your home is in danger, give us a call.
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