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If your home uses a network of air ducts for the distribution of cooled and heated air throughout the rooms, those ducts must retain an airtight seal. Ducts that have leaks will threaten your home’s energy efficiency, and may even threaten its indoor air quality. However, because you cannot easily see your ventilation system, the best way to find out if your ducts need repairs or sealing is to call for HVAC professionals to perform duct sealing.

AAP Home Services wants to provide you with answers when you think you have leaking ducts. We provide excellent duct testing services in Riverside, to find out where your ducts may need help and what can be done to fix any problems. Don’t hesitate to call whenever you have doubts about your home’s vital ductwork system.

Do you suspect that your ducts need repair? Contact AAP Home Services today for quality duct testing in Riverside, CA and throughout the Inland Empire.

Duct Testing

The Purpose of Professional Duct Testing

Professionals perform residential duct testing to see if the ventilation system in a home maintains a seal against a loss of air pressure. Under ideal circumstances, the ducts in a home will have airtight sealing to protect against a drop in pressure. Even a few small holes will cause air pressure to decline, which will have a negative effect on your heating and cooling.

A leaking ventilation system will cause a plunge in heating and cooling efficiency. As air pressure drops, it means poorer comfort and a system that must work harder to achieve its target temperature. Not only will this raise heating and cooling costs, it will place a strain on the system that could result in breakdowns and even an early replacement. Leaks can also permit dust, dirt, debris, and even mold and mildew to develop inside the ventilation system, which will reduce the quality of your indoor air. But thanks to duct testing, you can find out if your ducts require the repairs necessary to halt these problems.

Signs You Should Schedule Duct Testing

The first warning that you may have leaking ducts is a rise in your energy bills. As your heater and air conditioner work harder to overcome the loss of air pressure, they will cost more to run. If you cannot figure out why the bills to keep your home comfortable continue to rise, check on the airflow coming from the different vents in the rooms around the house. If the airflow from any of them is lower than you expect, it’s probably a good time to call for duct testing.

Another warning sign to watch for is strange musty smells coming from the vents. This occurs because the leaks in the vents are permitting in air from areas between walls and underneath floors.

Finally, you may want to schedule duct testing even if you detect no warning signs at all. It’s a wise move every few years to check on the integrity of your home’s ventilation system to see if there are places where it can be improved and made more energy efficient.

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We Offer Duct Testing in Riverside, CA

It takes training and special equipment to perform duct testing. Our HVAC team at AAP Home Services has everything necessary to provide this service for your home. Don’t allow your bills to run wild and the quality of your indoor air to decline: schedule duct testing in Riverside and find out what repair work needs to be done.
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