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If you have concerns about pollutants floating through the air in your home, triggering health problems and discomfort, you may need the services of an air purifier. A well-installed air purifier can remove even the tiniest particles and provide a home with a high level of air quality. But you should know that it takes special training to find the right type of air purifier and then fit it into an HVAC system so that it performs as it should. You will need to call professionals to take care of putting in an air purifier in your home.

Let our specialists take on the job. The HVAC technicians at AAP Home Services are experienced fitting heating and air conditioning systems with air purifiers that prevent pollutants from floating around homes. For your Riverside residence, rely on our quality services to provide you with the clean, healthy air you deserve.

For quality air purifier services in Riverside, CA and throughout the Inland Empire, look to the highly qualified staff at AAP Home Services.

What Is an Air Purifier?

There are a number of different air purifiers available for homes. Most run off a basic principle of using electric power to ionize the air that passes through the ductwork of an HVAC system. When an air purifier is installed into a heating and cooling system, it alters the charge of the particles in the circulating air. This causes unwanted contaminants to be attracted to a set of collector plates on the purifier, where they are trapped.

The major advantage that air purifiers have over mechanical air filters is that they can affect smaller pollutants. Where a standard air filter will trap particles down to 0.3 microns, electronic air purifiers will trap particles down to 0.1 microns. Air purifiers are especially helpful for targeting gas molecules and chemicals such as pesticides and smoke; these pollutants will usually escape other types of filters.

How to Find the Best Air Purifier for Your Home

The tricky part about selecting an air purifier to install into your heating and cooling system is that you need to know exactly what type of contamination is affecting the air in your home. A purifier that cannot remove the particles you need is no good to you. For example, if your home has biological pollutants such as mold, the best type of purifier is one that uses UV germicidal lights.

If this sounds too technical, don’t worry: you should always call on HVAC professionals familiar with outfitting homes for air purifiers and air filtration systems to handle the work of selection and installation. Our specialists will narrow down the air quality issues in your home and then help you pick the air purifier that will do the job necessary.

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Make us your first call when you decide that you want to invest in an air purifier. We have the training and skill to make sure that you receive the best unit for your needs, and that it fits correctly into your heating and cooling system and leaves you fully satisfied. With AAP Home Services you can “Consider It Done!”
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