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We service all makes and models. Shower valves, kitchen faucets, lavatory faucets, laundry sinks, bar sinks and more.

Our trucks are fully stocked with a wide assortment of repair parts and fixture catalogs to get the job done right! Leaky faucets and dripping shower valves are “no match” for our expert plumbers.

The possibilities are endless. Today, we can create the ultimate shower experience. With cascading water falls, multiple jet shower heads and massage sprayers. Call Us Today and let’s build the shower system of your dreams.

Did you know that today most of the faucet and fixture manufacturers offer “Lifetime Warranties”?

Bathroom Faucet Installation & Repair

What cause faucets to leak?

The main causes of leaking faucets and fixtures are:

1. Excessive Water Pressure – high water pressure will wear out the internal faucet and fixture parts and components. Make certain to regularly check your incoming water pressure to ensure the pressure never exceeds 75psi.

2. Hard Water – Hard Water will scale up the faucets internally and externally. A Water Conditioner is highly recommended in areas whereas Hard Water is a known problem.

3. Thermal Expansion – Thermal Expansion is expansion created during the water heating process within a closed water system. A good analogy is the heating of water in a tea kettle. The water is heated and steam builds to the point of sounding off the whistle. The same occurs within your plumbing system – the only difference is without a Thermal Expansion device, the build up pressure has no where to go until it creates a path by way of a leak.

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