6 Spring Tips to Prepare for Hot Temps in Riverside, CA!

Riverside didn’t become the birthplace of the California citrus industry without the sunny temps that oranges love. Unfortunately for us, that means the weather starts to get pretty toasty in the spring. Thankfully, AC maintenance can prepare you and your system for the inevitable.

Here are six tips that will help you get ready for those triple digit days.

Pay Attention to Your HVAC Filters

HVAC filters can be easy to forget about sometimes. But letting one get clogged up over time can put strain on your system. And it’s pretty easy to prevent.

Changing once a month is a good rule of thumb, but for people with no pets or allergies, you can stretch it to once every three months. This little change will without a doubt help prevent a system breakdown.

Clean Around Your Outdoor AC Unit

Debris around your outside unit can cause trouble. A clean unit breathes happily and provides AC for your home. But the more leaves, sticks and other yard waste that build up, the more strain is put on it as it struggles to ventilate properly.

There are a few things you can do to help with this problem:

  • Trim weeds around the unit
  • Stop buildup right when you notice it
  • Create a patch of rocks or mulch around unit to prevent plant overgrowth
AC Maintenance Tips

Keep an Eye on Your Thermostat

If possible, avoid running your system on a low temperature all of the time. This can put extra strain on your system. By raising your thermostat temperature a little in the daytime when you can tolerate a warmer home, particularly while you and your family is away, it gives less work to your system.

Another thing to avoid is dropping the temperature down to an extremely low temperature to cool your home faster. This is actually quite taxing to your poor system, and not very effective. Instead, try to keep a steady temperature you are comfortable with.

Invest in a WIFI Thermostat

How will you remember to make all these thermostat adjustments?

AC Maintenance Tips

A wifi thermostat is a great solution that allows you to conveniently control your home’s temperature. You can program it to accommodate your  schedule or the weather, and even make adjustments remotely via your smartphone! This can also help discourage us from the bad habit of pushing the dial all the way down as soon as you walk in the door, to chill the house faster. If you set the thermostat to begin to cooling the house slightly before you plan to arrive at home, you will save money without ever having to sacrifice comfort! Check out our thermostat page for more information.

Get Professional HVAC Maintenance

As always, AAP is here for all your HVAC maintenance needs. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…you know how it goes.

Check Your Ductwork For Leaks/Damage

Some ducts leak a lot of air. The lack of circulation of the cooled air can make it seem like your unit is not properly functioning, which leads you to crank the system up or call for a repair. Your system might actually be able to cool very effectively, but you won’t know if all the air is slipping out of your ducts! Thus, having your ducts inspected and/or repaired can result in significant energy bill savings!

If you want to ensure you are fully prepared for summer, call AAP today for an HVAC maintenance or a duct inspection at (951)427-1707.