3 Problems & Solutions for Dry Air

When the air in your home is too dry, it can be a quite uncomfortable problem. Dry air causes your skin, eyes, and nasal passages to dry out, especially if you have eczema or are prone to nosebleeds. It can also causes cracks in your walls or wood furniture.

Dry air is also a perfect environment for bacteria growth, which can cause much worse health problems. Airborne bacteria can lead to chronic sinus infections and the development or worsening of allergies and asthma symptoms.

To protect your health and home,  make sure the humidity levels in your home are not too low. Learn the most common causes of dry air and what you can do to combat them so you can be comfortable and healthy in your home.

Problem: Local Climate

The climate here in Riverside is considered semi-desert; we have more annual rainfall than in the desert, but it’s all in winter, so our outside air is warm and dry nine months out of the year. All that dry air outside can dry out the air inside of your home as well, a problem exacerbated by the drought we’ve been experiencing these last few years.

Solution: Whole Home Humidifier

HVAC Solutions for Dry Air In Your Home

Whole home humidifiers control humidity within 1% of the recommended levels throughout your home. This creates a healthier living area, lessening dry sinuses, itchy skin, sore throats, and asthma symptoms. The team here at AAP Home Services can help you pick a whole home humidifier that will alleviate your dry air problems while using as little water (and contributing to the drought) as little as possible. Many of our humidifiers use less water per day than you use in a single toilet flush!

Problem: Air Pollution

HVAC Solutions for Dry Air In Your Home

While SoCal’s pollution problems have been getting better in recent years, Riverside and most of the Inland Empire still experience higher than average air pollution. In fact, we’ve been rated as having some of the worst particulate pollution in the United States, which is made up of dust, dirt, soot, smoke, and other particulate matter. Particulate pollution is a major contributor to the dry feeling of your home’s air and can be incredibly irritating to your airways.

Solution: An Air Filtration System

When you think air filters, you probably think of the filters you put in your air returns each month. Those are definitely important to removing pollutants from your home’s air, but you can get even more filtration benefit and reduction of dry air symptoms by adding an air filtration system to your HVAC system. AAP Home Services can install the right air filtration system to remove particulate pollution from your home’s air and reduce dry air symptoms like scratchy throat, aggravated allergies, cracked walls, and furniture damage. 

Problem: Leaky Ductwork

Improperly sealed HVAC ductwork poses multiple problems for Riverside homeowners. Duct leaks allow conditioned indoor air to escape through the leaks while sucking in dry outdoor air. Not only does this contribute to dry air in your home, it also wastes energy and raises your power bills.

Solution: Air Duct Sealing

Duct sealing is exactly what it sounds like; it seals the leaks in your duct system, saving you money through increased energy efficiency and making you home more comfortable by not allowing dry outdoor air to get in. AAP Home Services offers professional duct sealing services to keep your home comfortable even in the driest parts of the year.

HVAC Solutions for Dry Air In Your Home
If you have any questions about dry air’s effects on your home and health, or about the dry air solutions AAP Home Services offers, call us at (951)427-1707 to set up a consultation.