Avoid Costly Repairs & Headaches with Regular Plumbing Maintenance for Your Riverside, CA Home

When you think of regular maintenance on your home, plumbing isn’t necessarily the first system that comes to mind. Plumbing systems tend to be one of the most neglected systems in the home, but it can actually lead to some of the most expensive repairs a homeowner can face.

Consider for a moment all the ways in which you use your plumbing system throughout your home.

  • Cooking

  • Drinking

  • Cleaning

  • Bathing

  • Sewer

  • Laundry

  • Irrigation

The Importance of Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Now when was the last time you had your piping or appliances inspected? Would you mind going a few weeks or even a few days without it?

What is the Likelihood Something Will Go Wrong?

If you never get anything inspected, then the likelihood that some part of your plumbing system will eventually malfunction is 100%.

Nothing lasts forever. Just consider these nightmare situations.

Water Heater – You wake up one morning, and your water heater is broken. How can you tell? After 10-12 years of hot water, your morning shower starts off ice cold. If it burst, there is now a huge mess in the downstairs area of your house.

Supply/Drainage Pipes and Valves – You notice a large puddle behind your toilet and bend down behind it to try to tighten the valve with a pair of pliers. The old nut on it has a lot of mineralizing on it and breaks when you try to move it. Now the water is flooding your bathroom.

Kitchen Appliances – You think you’ve never had a problem with your kitchen sink. If it ever gets clogged, you just pour some drain cleaner down, and it’s fixed. Then one day you have your dishwasher replaced and notice that the floor is severely warped. There’s no telling how a leak under your sink has been slowly destroying your home.

Sewer – You leave the bathroom one day and hear ominous gurgling behind you. This can be an indication of much more sinister–and costly–things at play.

The cost of repairing these after they’ve broken can be in the thousands. Why risk it?

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