What Could be Wrong and What You Can Do About It

There’s nothing like hopping in the shower first thing in the morning and feeling disappointment when the water pressure never really gets that high. Then when you go to do dishes later, the task seems to take forever. And when you try to water your garden, the water won’t spread far enough or quickly enough. If any of these problems sound familiar, you have low water pressure on your hands.

AAP Home Services can tell you the top reasons why you might be experiencing this in the Riverside, CA area.

Valve Issue

How many water supply valves does your home have? If your answer is two, you are correct. The customer valve is located on your water meter box, and the home valve is on the exterior hose faucet, located at the front of your house.

Check those valves. If you notice the valves are turned away from the “on” position, you can turn it back and solve your issue.

Low Water Pressure

Leaking Pipes

This is an issue that requires professional assistance. Not only will leaking pipes waste water, but it can also cause water damage.

If you don’t notice any obvious puddles around your house, you might want to check for this issue by reading your water meter. To do this, you:

  1. Shut off all faucets.
  2. Read your water meter.
  3. Don’t use any water for at least two hours.
  4. Go back, and read the meter.

Did the usage go up? Chances are, you have a pipe leak somewhere.

Neighborhood Schedules

If you’re on city water, your neighbors’ water use may be impacting your own home’s water pressure. If everyone in the neighborhood showers at the same time every morning, leave for the day, then come back and turn on the shower again; you might be able to notice a difference.

By making changes in your routine, you can avoid competing for water.

Worn-Out Parts

Your pipes have small valves called pressure regulators that help your water flow out of your faucets at the right speed. If you are experiencing these signs, you know you might be dealing with a broken pressure regulator:

  • Fluctuations in pressure
  • Water hammers (knocking noises in pipes after water is turned off)

This is an inexpensive fix, but you will probably need a licensed plumber to help diagnose the problem.

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