Mitigate the Impact of Flooding on Your Home’s HVAC & Plumbing

Flooding in Southern California this fall & winter has been at an all time high. Although it was much needed due to the long-standing drought conditions, heavy rainfalls have created even more problems for Los Angeles County residents. Along with mudslides and road damage, comes destruction to personal property, including HVAC and plumbing systems.

With hundreds of homeowners making claims, beware of those high-margin restoration companies; consult your local HVAC and plumbing tradesmen of AAP – Home Services for an honest diagnosis and an action plan to move forward the right way.

Potential HVAC System Impact

In most cases, you’ll need to replace, not repair. If it appears that your heating or cooling system was in contact with flood waters, repairing the unit is, in most cases, an unwise decision.

  • Corrosion inside the valves of gas furnaces or boilers may not be visibly detectable, but it could have a significant impact on the reliability and safety of the system.

  • All ductwork in contact with floodwaters should be disassembled and all insulation removed and replaced as it is impossible to decontaminate.

  • Split air conditioning and heat pump systems are sealed, so in some instances these can be salvaged. However, if flood waters have caused a unit to shift or reposition, potential for a breach in the refrigeration system will ultimately require it to be replaced as well.

Mitigate the Impact of Flooding on Your Home's HVAC & Plumbing

Only licensed HVAC experts should be brought in to conduct inspections to ensure your system is safe and secure.

Potential Plumbing System Impact

Mitigate the Impact of Flooding on Your Home's HVAC & Plumbing

Similar to most HVAC units, plumbing will likely need to be replaced to avoid bacterial growth in the insulation and corrosion of the valves.

  • Damage to water and sewer lines needs to be evaluated immediately to ensure contamination of the water supply has not occurred.

  • Gas, oil or electric water heaters should undergo a thorough inspection. If found to have been in standing water, replacement is must in order to maintain confidence in the safety and reliability of the system.

A licensed plumber will be needed to assess damages and establish a plan to reconstruct the system.

Additional Tips:

  • Do not utilize your tap water until local authorities announce your water supply is safe.

  • Always photograph the flooded areas for insurance claims and system repair purposes! It will give your licensed contractor a better idea of the full reach of the damage after the water has receded.

  • Disaster relief organizations such as FEMA may also be of assistance to you; seek their help and guidance there.

  • Elevating your AC unit off the ground may save you future replacement heartache. Consult a licensed HVAC professional to determine how to properly execute the use of risers without sacrificing the integrity of the system.

Mitigate the Impact of Flooding on Your Home's HVAC & Plumbing

When you’re HVAC or plumbing unit ends up under water, call AAP – Home Services to provide a proper inspection and/or replacement. When it comes to flooded units and shifted pipes, no one fixes your water-logged heating, cooling or plumbing systems better than AAP.