Slab leaks are one of the most complex plumbing issues ever encountered because they occur underneath a concrete foundation. It becomes to detect any slab leak. AAP Home Services provides precise slab leak detection services in Riverside, CA, and the surrounding counties. Typically, slab leak detection has been quite challenging and requires substantial excavation. But not anymore! With our technologically-advanced detection equipment, we can pinpoint the exact leak location with minimal disruption and damage to your property. If you suspect a slab leak at your home, call us right away to avoid any excessive wastage of water and further damage to your home.

When To Call For Slab Leak Detection Services in Riverside, CA?

The following is a list of common signs of a slab leak to look for before you call us:

  • a sudden increase in your water bill or your gas bill
  • a water heater that is running continuously in the heating mode
  • a distinct musty, mildew smell that emanates near your foundation
  • bent floorboards or baseboards
  • visible cracks in floors or walls
  • a sound of running water in a no-tap or no-appliance area

Our Effective Slab Leak Detection Services in Riverside, CA

When you notice any signs of a slab leak at your Riverside home, immediately call AAP Home Services at 951-281-8036 to have one of our leak detection specialists visit your property and confirm the leak. We utilize the following leak detection methods to determine the location and nature of a leak:

  • Electronic Leak Detection Method
  • Water Line Tracing Method
  • Induced Air Method
  • Thermal Testing Method
  • Thermal Imaging Method

Why Choose Us for Slab Leak Detection Services in Riverside?

  • Accurate slab leak diagnostic services
  • Fair pricing, free quotes provided onsite
  • A team of highly-experienced and efficient leak repair technicians
  • Use of latest techniques and equipment to detect leaks
  • Green Plumbers Certification
  • 24/7 emergency service, Live person on call
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • End-to-end services for slab leak detection, repair, and prevention

24/7 Slab Leak Detection Services in Riverside CA

Slab leaks can cause severe damage to your home if left unattended. So, when you notice a slab leak, call us at 951-281-8036 without wasting much time. Our slab experts are available 24/7 to visit your home and attend to your slab leak problem right away!

For reliable slab leak detection services in Riverside, CA, contact AAP Home Services or call us at 951-281-8036 or 855-554-2364 today!