A plumbing emergency is something that most people don’t want to think about and even fewer want to experience. Unfortunately, unforeseen plumbing problems do occur, and when they do, knowing what to do is crucial.

Do you know exactly how to handle a plumbing emergency? Keep reading to find out!

How to Handle a Plumbing Emergency

First, stop and take a deep breath.

It’s easy to panic when you have sewer backing up into your basement or water pouring out of a burst pipe, but doing so isn’t going to do anything to improve the situation.

Stay calm, and keep these tips in mind to minimize the damage.

Turn Off the Water

If you have any type of leak, the first step is turning off the water. For situations like overflowing toilets, turning off the water to the fixture is sufficient. If you’ve had a pipe burst or if you doing have shut-off valves near fixtures, turn off the main water supply.

You can usually find your main shut-off valve near your water meter.

Plumbing Emergency TIps

Call the Water or Sewer Company

Depending on the circumstances and your water company, you may not be responsible for paying for excess water usage caused by leaks. If you have a leak outside of your home, or if you’ve dealing with a sewer backup caused by a problem in the main line, the company may be responsible for fixing the damage.

Plumbing Emergency TIps

Contact an Emergency Plumber

Once you’ve contacted the utility companies and you’ve taken steps to make sure the problem isn’t going to get worse, contact a trusted LA County emergency plumber. Make sure that the plumber you call is licensed and certified to provide you with the level of repairs required. Calling your local handyman, may not suffice in an emergency plumbing situation.

The Most Trusted Southern California Emergency Plumber

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