AAP Puts Plumbing Myths to the Test in the Tampa Bay Area

You have probably heard most if not all of these plumbing myths. Being a homeowner can be a lot of work, so All American Plumbing is here to take some of the work out of it by going through each myth and explaining what the truth is behind it. If you believe any of these, you might save a lot of money by taking the correct action.

Myth #1 – A Leaky Faucet is No Problem

How often do you let a plumbing fixture drip in your home? It might seem like just a tiny amount of water being lost, but it quickly adds up.

Plumbing Tips & Myths

By an estimate performed by the US Geological Survey, it takes about 15,140 drips of water to amount to a whole gallon. It seems like a lot of drips to get there at first. But at the rate of a slow drip, it will reach about 5 gallons in as little as a day! Over the course of a year, that one dripping faucet will waste around 2,000 gallons.

That may not be expensive, but it adds to the impact on the environment. Simply getting all leaky fixtures repaired is helping to do your part in being more green.

Myth #2 – Pouring Grease Down the Drain is Okay With Hot Water

You have probably heard that you shouldn’t pour grease down your drain. It solidifies later in your pipes.

To try to combat this, some people use scalding hot water to help dilute the grease and wash it away. It might help flush some of it away…but never underestimate the power of grease. It sticks to your pipes and begins to form a layer that will thicken over time into a clog.

Best case scenario? It forms a clog closer to your drain. Worst case scenario? You’re looking at an expensive sewer line clog that will be your responsibility.

The simple solution is to pour hot grease into a disposable can to throw in the trash.

Myth #3 – Flush Toilet Paper – and Disposable Wipes

Even when advertised as flushable, you can’t necessarily trust a product to be flushable. If you’re dubious of this claim, there is a simple experiment you can try.

Leave a wipe in a pan of water, and compare it to a piece of toilet paper in a pan of water. When the toilet paper first starts to turns to mush, the wipe will still probably still be completely intact.

Plumbing Tips & Myths

Myth #4 – Lemons are the Best Natural Disposal Cleaner

Cleaning your disposal with lemons or limes might not hurt your disposal, but it isn’t good for it either. It can potentially corrode the blades over time. Plus, lemon or lime pulp only smells good for about a day, so you don’t want to just blend one and leave the pulp to degrade on the blades.

Ice is actually a much more effective disposal cleaner.

Avoiding Plumbing Myths

The professional plumbers at AAP will always advise you on the best course of action for your plumbing if you need a repair, installation or maintenance. When you need us, don’t hesitate to call 727-943-8300.