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You have many choices for the type of heating system that will keep your house warm during colder weather. Furnaces remain the most common residential option, but boilers are also a popular choice. They offer a number of advantages over standard forced-air heaters that make them attractive to many homeowners. A boiler that receives quality installation and regular maintenance and repairs will provide excellent heating for many years—enough to keep an entire generation in a house cozy.

If you are interested in boiler installation, or if you require services for your current boiler, call on AAP Home Services in Riverside. We are proud to offer top-quality work of all types for boilers in the area.

For installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance service for boilers in Riverside, CA, call on the HVAC experts at AAP Home Services.

We Offer Boiler Installation

Putting in a new boiler for a home is a major task that requires professionals with many years of experience to hook up the pipes and the power system. It also takes experts to determine the size of a boiler necessary to provide a home with an even level of comfort. Trust to our technicians to handle every step of the process when you want a boiler installed.

We Offer Boiler Replacement

No matter how long a boiler can endure, it cannot last forever. If you need to have an old system removed and a new one put in, call our team today. We will match you up with a boiler that will work even better than your current one when it was new.

We Offer Boiler Repair

Even with their excellent record for operating with few difficulties, boilers will still encounter complications at times. You should never leave repair work to amateurs—nor should you take on the job yourself, since this will risk causing leaks and other problems. Let our professionals handle any boiler repairs necessary. We will do them fast and right the first time.

We Offer Boiler Maintenance

A boiler can only live up to its reputation for a long service life with few repairs if it receives annual inspections and tune–ups from experienced technicians. Call us to arrange for regular maintenance service that will ensure you have the most efficient and trouble–free boiler possible.

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No matter what you require for a boiler to serve your home in Riverside, CA, the licensed and certified technicians at AAP Home Services can deliver it. Call us today to set up an appointment, and we will see that you have a cozy home using the clean and efficient power of a boiler.
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Benefits of a Boiler System

What makes boilers competitive options for home heating, even with so many other alternatives available? There are a number of advantages that these heating systems have:

  • Long lifespan: Few home comfort systems can achieve the long service lives of boilers. They wear down slowly because they have few mechanical parts, instead running from the circulation of heated water to terminal points throughout a house. With routine maintenance, a residential boiler will usually last for more than 20 years.
  • Reduced repair needs: With only a small number of moving parts that can suffer damage, boilers tend to require a smaller number of repairs compared to other heating systems. (They still must have yearly maintenance, however.)
  • Clean heating: Since boilers use radiant and convection heat to send warmth into rooms from radiators or baseboard heaters, rather than a set of air ducts, they provide a much cleaner heat free from dust and dirt contamination. This makes boilers an excellent choice for households that have people who suffer from allergies and asthma.
  • Quiet operation: Boilers make very little noise when they run. People in your home will usually not even know the boiler is operating—except for the pleasant warmth they feel.