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Most businesses receive their heating and cooling through conditioned air that is forced through a large network of ducts built into the walls and ceilings. Although this ductwork is a source of comfortable temperatures for a commercial space, it can also turn into a detriment for indoor air quality and energy efficiency if it does not receive routine cleaning to remove the dust, dirt, and other contaminants that will start to accumulate inside it. Duct cleaning for commercial buildings is a job for professionals, and when it is time for your company to have its regular duct cleaning done, make sure that you only contract HVAC specialists familiar with the requirements of businesses.

In Riverside, you will find the commercial duct cleaning that will take care of your needs at AAP Home Services. We have a staff of NATE-certified technicians who have the knowledge and hands-on skill to take care of the cleaning fast and thoroughly. Call us today to find out if your ducts need professional cleaning and to arrange for an appointment.

If you need commercial duct cleaning for your business in Riverside, CA, call our specialists at AAP Home Services today to schedule the service.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Signs You Need Commercial Duct Cleaning

You cannot easily see the inside of the ducts of your building, even in rooms where the ductwork in the ceiling is exposed. This makes it difficult to get a good idea of the cleanliness of the ductwork interior so you’ll know when to contact professionals for cleaning. There are some signs you can watch for, however, that will tell you it’s time to call AAP Home Services to schedule a duct cleaning appointment.

An increase in your bills for heating and cooling that you cannot attribute to reasons such as a change in the seasons or a mechanical malfunction often indicates that dirt, dust, and carpet and furniture fibers inside the ducts have started to create too much airflow resistance. It only takes a thin layer of dust to begin to place friction against airflow and cause a rise in strain for the HVAC system. Call for duct cleaners to look into the situation when your bills start to rise.

An increase in allergy and asthma symptoms among employees will also provide a clue that the air is filled with contamination coming from a clogged ventilation system. If you also notice that keeping the work spaces of the building free from dust is growing harder and more time–consuming, then it’s probably time to arrange for duct cleaning.

You should arrange for duct cleaning every one to three years regardless: the airtight nature of the ducts means they will naturally begin to trap a layer of dust just from the air that circulates through them every day. Talk to your commercial duct cleaning specialists to discover what is the ideal schedule for routine duct cleaning to protect your HVAC system and indoor air quality.

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You cannot contract amateurs or technicians who are only familiar with residential ductwork to clean out the ducts in a commercial space. The size of the area that requires cleaning is too large and the ventilation system too difficult to access for anyone except for trained professionals with industrial–strength equipment. When your business building in Riverside needs its regular ductwork cleaning, call the commercial duct cleaning experts at AAP Home Services. We guarantee our work will meet your satisfaction.
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