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A garbage disposal is a helpful appliance for a home kitchen—but it is an essential appliance for a food service company. The garbage disposal takes care of the task of grinding and chopping down food waste so it can go into the wastewater system without causing clogs or health code violations. If you run a restaurant, bar, commercial kitchen, or cafeteria, you must have a commercial-strength and sized garbage disposal to handle the enormous amount of waste removal necessary to operate an efficient business that remains up to code.

Although a commercial garbage disposal is not much different in how it operates from a residential model, it is usually more powerful, constructed of heavier material so it can withstand the large workload it performs every day, and equipped with a bigger grinding chamber. You should only turn to commercial plumbing specialists to handle fitting your business with a new garbage disposal or to handle any repairs for your current one. Call on the 24/7 services of AAP Home Services in Riverside for any assistance necessary for a commercial garbage disposal.

The commercial plumbing experts at AAP Home Services provide installation and other services for commercial garbage disposals in Riverside, CA throughout the Inland Empire.

We Offer Commercial Garbage Disposal Installation

How large a garbage disposal does your food service company need for day–to–day work? This is one of the key questions our commercial plumbers will answer when you contact them for new installation. It’s important to allow professionals to find out the size and power of disposal necessary; this way, you will know that the unit will properly grind down food waste to prevent trouble with the municipal sewer system, and that it won’t clog up during regular operation and bring your kitchen to a halt.

The installation work also requires professionals. A poorly installed garbage disposal will cause numerous problems, such as leaking around the edges and shaking motions that will damage other components in your kitchen. Leave all the work to us and we will make certain that you receive the finest installation work possible.

We Offer Commercial Garbage Disposal Repair and Maintenance

When you consider how much waste product a commercial garbage disposal handles during a single business day, you will understand why it is so important to have regular maintenance service from plumbers. Our commercial specialists will see that your garbage disposal remains in top condition and not in danger of breaking down. Routine cleaning and lubrication, as well as checks on the electrical system, will help prevent emergency repair issues and give your disposal a longer service life.

Even the best maintenance cannot ensure that a commercial garbage disposal will work right all the time. Should your disposal run into trouble, you can call our plumbers any time of the day or night for emergency service, usually delivered in one hour or less.

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At AAP Home Services, we are dedicated to providing our commercial customers with fast and 100% satisfying service. We are also committed to finding “green” solutions for plumbing jobs. You can count on our more than 125 combined years of experience when it comes to delivering your commercial food service company with the plumbing work it needs. If you want a new commercial garbage disposal or if you require repairs and maintenance for your current one, call us to schedule your garbage disposal service in Riverside. We won’t be satisfied until we know you are satisfied with your company’s garbage disposal.
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