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Energy efficiency in homes is an increasing concern for many homeowners. Proper insulation is a key part of maintaining high levels of energy efficiency so that a house does not lose excess heat during the cold weather or gain high levels of heat during hot weather. For Riverside, CA, hot weather is a significant concern, and if you have an HVAC system that does not have proper levels of insulation, it can lead to high air conditioning bills during the summer and poor comfort over all.

AAP Home Services provides insulation service for ductwork in homes. You may be wasting energy every time you turn on your heater or air conditioner because of improperly insulated ducts and not even realize it. Call us to schedule an appointment to look over your ventilation system and find what you need in terms of insulation that will make your home more energy-efficient and save you on your bills.

Does your home’s HVAC system require better insulation? Call the duct insulation professionals at AAP Home Services today to arrange for insulation services in Riverside, CA and throughout the Inland Empire?

Duct Insulation

The Importance of Proper Insulation

Insulation is anything that forms a thermal barrier against the movement of heat. Standard insulation in a home (such as the fiberglass mats in an attic) stops heat moving through conduction (contact between surfaces) and convection (movement through air current), and it works in both directions. During hot weather, the thermal barrier stops heat from entering a cooled area. During cold weather, the barrier prevents heat from escaping a heated area. These properties help a house maintain energy efficiency and keep a family from spending enormous amounts to run an air conditioning system or heater to make up for heat gain or loss.

Ductwork Insulation for a Home

The ducts that transport heated and cooled air from a central heater and air conditioner are vital for distributing comfort throughout a residence. These ducts must have sufficient insulation along their length or it will create enormous strain on the system, no matter if the house needs heating or cooling. Without the right levels of insulation, heat will penetrate the ducts during hot weather and raise the temperature of the air coming from the air conditioner. The reverse will occur during cold weather, with heat escaping from the ductwork. With poor insulation along your home’s ducts, you will end up paying high costs to keep your home comfortable.

Most ductwork today comes with insulation built into it, such as fiber glass duct board. Older ducts can receive duct liners and wraps to more effectively trap and repel heat. Duct insulation can also decay over time and require replacement. Whether your home needs to have new insulated ducts installed, old ducts provided with insulation, or repairs for aging ductwork installation, you must contact HVAC experts to take care of the service. Improper insulation placed onto a ventilation system can lead to additional problems, and inexperienced work might even cause ductwork damage. Rely on experts like our experienced team at AAP Home Services.

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If you suspect that inferior ductwork insulation is leading to high energy bills for your HVAC system, give us a call at AAP Home Services. We will send technicians to see what help you need to make your heating and cooling as efficient as possible. If you need insulation services in Riverside, contact AAP Home Services today.
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