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If you try to imagine an air conditioner that doesn’t use ductwork, you probably won’t think of a central air conditioner, but rather a small window unit that exhausts heat outside and sends cooled air to only a single location. But there is such a thing as central air conditioning systems that do not need ducts, and for some homes they are an excellent alternative to the standard ACs that use complex ventilation networks. Ductless air conditioning is now popular for older buildings, new construction, add-on rooms, and homeowners who are looking for something different for cooling.

Even though these central air conditioners don’t have the burden of ducts, they are still complicated systems that require trained HVAC technicians to install and service. AAP Home Services is here to help if you have a ductless air conditioning system or are interested in new installation. We serve Riverside with quality air conditioning that keeps our customers satisfied throughout the long hot season.

If you are interested in installation of a ductless air conditioning system in Riverside, CA, or if you require repairs or maintenance for a current system, contact the technicians at AAP Home Services.

How Does a Ductless Air Conditioner Work?

Ductless ACs combine the point cooling of a window unit with the efficiency and power of a central cooling system. Similar standard air conditioners, they have an outdoor condenser where the heat from the indoors is exhausted. But instead of connecting to a single indoor evaporator unit, the condenser connects to a series of individual blowers mounted on the walls in different parts of the house. Each blower contains its own fan and evaporator coil, and it sends cooled air straight into a room. The blowers can each be controlled separately from one another so only occupied rooms receive conditioned air.

Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioners

The major benefit of a ductless air conditioning system is contained right in the name: no ducts. Without dependence on ducts, you can free up space inside your house, design a new home just the way you want it, or have greater freedom during a remodeling.

Here are other advantages from eliminating ducts:

  • Greater energy efficiency: Cooled air blowing through vents can gain heat from the outside, raising its temperature and forcing the air conditioner to work harder. But with a ductless system, there is virtually no heat gain, and the system will cost less to run.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Ductwork will start to pick up dirt and dust over time, and unless it receives regular professional cleaning, it will start to lower the quality of the air in a home. Without ducts, the home receives air with little chance of it picking up contamination along the way.
  • Easy zone control: For a central air conditioning system that uses ducts, zone controls must be specially installed inside the ventilation system and connected to extra thermostats. But ductless air conditioners are automatically zone control systems: each of the blowers can be controlled individually, so you only need to cool down the rooms that require it, increasing comfort and further lowering energy use.
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We Offer Ductless AC Services in Riverside, CA

Although ductless air conditioners don’t have the hassles of ductwork, they still require advanced technical skill to install and service. Let our team at AAP Home Services handle all the work for your home, starting with determining the right size of ductless AC to install. Our NATE–certified technicians can see to all your heat pump’s repair and maintenance needs as well. Contact us today to inquire about the benefits of installing ductless air conditioning in Riverside.
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