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One of the reasons that furnaces remain popular as a method for home heating is that they are flexible and come in a variety of models that can use different energy sources. Gas-powered furnaces are the most common model, but not all homes have connections to a municipal gas line, and some homeowners feel concerned about using natural gas to heat their homes because of potential health risks from carbon monoxide leaks. For these situations, an electric furnace is an excellent option for heating installation. An electric furnace is well suited to handling the mild winters in Southern California.

AAP Home Services services many kinds of heating systems in Riverside, including electric furnaces. We will take care of installing a new system for your home, or replacing an older furnace. Our technicians are also available for the repairs necessary to keep your furnace warming your household whenever the thermometer drops, and the maintenance work to see that the furnace is always prepared and will last for many years.

The heating experts at AAP Home Services offer services for electric furnaces in Riverside, CA, including installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance.

Why Consider an Electric Furnace Installation?

The main reason to choose an electric furnace over a gas one is fuel availability: not all homes have a gas line, but all homes have electricity. Propane furnaces are also an option, but electric furnaces are more efficient, have access to an unlimited energy supply, and do not create any emissions.

Gas furnaces are also a safer alternative for home heating. Modern gas furnaces are not necessarily dangerous appliances, but they still have a small chance of developing carbon monoxide leaks, especially without regular maintenance. Electric furnaces do not use carbon monoxide and will not create any sort of toxic fumes.

Another advantage electric furnaces have over gas furnaces is their longevity. The effect of combustion gas inside a gas furnace will eventually lead to corrosion, a concern that electric furnaces do not have. Electric furnaces also require few repairs and the maintenance work for them is simple.

One of the drawbacks of electric furnaces is that electricity is a more expensive fuel than natural gas. However, for Southern California this is less of an issue, since you will only need the heater working for short periods during the year, and the net cost will end up only marginally higher than if you used a gas heater.

Electric Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Even though electric furnaces have fewer issues with repairs than other types of furnaces, they will still need occasional professional work. AAP Home Services has NATE–certified technicians who are trained with handling the repair troubles that can hamper electric furnaces. Don’t open up the cabinet of your furnace and attempt to perform repairs on your own, as this could risk damaging the system. Instead, call our professionals to take care of the hard work.

Regular maintenance is necessary for an electric furnace to enjoy a long lifespan. An annual visit from a heating technician will see that your furnace will endure for many years and maintain its high energy efficiency.

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No matter the reason you believe that an electric furnace is the right heating choice for your home, you should first call AAP Home Services and discuss your options. We can help you choose the type of heater that suits your home and determine the heat load necessary to provide the comfort your family needs. If an electric furnace is the best option, we will take care of the installation and replacement work. You can count on our technicians for maintenance and repairs as well. We are dedicated to seeing that you have a pleasant home no matter the temperature outside.
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