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In the realm of residential heating, the furnace is the most popular choice and has been for many decades. Furnaces operate on the principle of forced-air heating: they heat up air within their cabinets using a fuel source (gas, electricity, propane) and then a blower sends the warm air through ductwork that spreads out through a home. The air then enters the rooms through vents. Furnaces have the advantages of providing high levels of heat and an enormous variety of models that makes them suitable for almost every house.

Furnaces require special care to make sure they are installed correctly and continue to run at their most energy efficient without creating safety hazards. When you need expert service for a furnace in Riverside, you can count on the experience and certification of the technicians at AAP Home Services. We work with many types of furnaces, and whether you need a new heater installed or help with an older unit, we are here to help you receive top-quality service.


The heating professionals at AAP Home Services offer furnace services—installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance—in Riverside, CA and throughout the Inland Empire.

Furnace Installation and Furnace Replacement Options

Furnaces are the most flexible choice when it comes to heating a house. Furnaces can run from different types of fuels and come in many sizes, so they can match up with the heating needs and available energy sources of most homes. When you contact us for installation or replacement services for a furnace, we will identify the best model to serve your needs.

Gas Furnace

Most people have spent the majority of their lives in homes warmed with the power of a natural gas furnace. These furnaces are popular because they create unbeatable levels of heat to combat the cold, and they work efficiently and cost less to run than many other heating systems. If your house uses natural gas, then a gas furnace is one of your top heating options.

Electric Furnace

One drawback to gas furnaces is that they must have a natural gas line to work. For homes that do not have a connection to a municipal gas supply, or for homeowners who have worries about the safety of using natural gas, an electric furnace is a good alternative. Electric furnaces have long service lives and only a small number of repair needs, and they can generate sufficient heat to overcome Southern California’s mild winters.

We Offer Furnace Repair and Maintenance

A furnace that starts to malfunction needs repairs as soon as possible. And those repairs must come from experienced professionals, like those at AAP Home Services. Amateur repairs are potentially dangerous, especially for gas furnaces. Make sure that your home’s heating stays reliable and safe: always call for skilled technicians to handle any repair problems.

You can reduce malfunctions and drops in furnace efficiency with regular annual maintenance for the system. Professional maintenance isn’t simply a good idea, it’s mandatory if you want your heater to continue to work for you season after season without draining power or breaking down. Call our HVAC technicians today to arrange for your furnace’s yearly maintenance session.

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Furnaces are common in Riverside, and we have extensive experience handling the various jobs necessary to install them and keep them running. If you need a new heating system for your home, call us and we will help you find the furnace that will best take care of your family. We are also available to assist with the repairs and maintenance that will see that your furnace is always prepared to keep the house warm when cold weather arrives.
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