Add Convenience To Your Southern CA Kitchen With A New Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal system makes for a great addition to any kitchen sink. Originally designed to cut down on the amount of food waste that ends up in landfills, garbage disposals also add convenience to your kitchen. If you are ready to install a garbage disposal, or need to replace a garbage disposal that is no longer functioning properly, then AAP Home Services can help. While we are headquartered in Riverside, we offer garbage disposal installation throughout Southern CA.

How Does a Garbage Disposal Work?

A garbage disposal is a relatively simple device that works by centrifugal force. As food scraps are pulled down through the serrated wheel, they are ground to tiny bits and then disposed of through your wastewater system. While a garbage disposal is fine for most foods, you want to avoid grinding foods that are difficult to dispose of, such as:

  • fibrous foods such as celery
  • expandable foods such as raw pasta and rice
  • coffee grounds
  • large animal bones
  • large pieces of food – cut into smaller pieces
Garbage Disposal Installation
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The experienced plumbers at AAP Home Services will install a high quality garbage disposal that is the right size to work efficiently in your home. Call us at (855) 893-3601 to schedule a garbage disposal installation in your Riverside area home today.
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