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When it comes to residential heating, gas furnaces are the kings. These heaters are the most common type found in homes across the nation, and they continue to remain popular as new installations for a number of great reasons. When it comes to dependable heating to handle the requirements of most homes, gas furnaces have a history of service that is difficult to beat.

Although widespread, gas furnaces are not the ideal choice for every home. Before you decide on installing a gas furnace, call AAP Home Services and speak to our heating experts. They will take care of finding the best heating option for you and installing it correctly. Gas furnaces may also require repairs and routine maintenance, and these tasks must remain in the hands of skilled technicians. Call us for whatever services you require for gas furnaces.

The HVAC professionals at AAP Home Services provide quality services for gas furnaces in Riverside, CA and throughout the Inland Empire. Call today.

Gas Furnaces

The Advantages of a Gas Furnace Installation

Natural gas–powered furnaces run on the principle of forced–air heating. Natural gas piped into a home from the municipal supply is burned, and the hot combustion gas enters a series of heat exchangers, narrow metal chambers that rapidly absorb the combustion gas heat along their walls, turning hot along their exteriors. A blower fan then sends air through the rows of heat exchangers to receive their heat. The heated air continues through a network of ducts to reach the room vents.

The main advantage of this system is that it is highly fuel efficient. Thanks to advances in technology, gas furnaces often have higher than 90% AFUE ratings, which means they only waste 10% of fuel as exhaust. Because gas is a less expensive fuel than electricity, gas furnaces do not cost as much to run as electric resistance heaters. They can also achieve levels of warmth higher than most other heating systems. If your home has a connection to a natural gas line, a gas furnace is one of your best options for comfortable and efficient indoor warmth.

We Offer Gas Furnace Repair

It’s very important that you never attempt to repair a gas furnace on your own, or let amateurs take on the job. In most jurisdictions, it is actually illegal for anyone without training and a license to work on a gas furnace because of the potential for toxic gas exposure and combustion hazards. Leave these jobs to the trained technicians at AAP Home Services. We will handle the repair work quickly and safely, and you will have your warm house restored to you in no time.

We Offer Gas Furnace Maintenance

A gas furnace should last for many years. But without annual maintenance, a furnace will rapidly start to deteriorate, costing more to run as it provides lower quality heating. Make sure you sign up to receive regular maintenance visits from heating experts. During maintenance, a furnace receives a thorough inspection and tune–up. You will not only receive a longer service life from the furnace, but you will avoid repairs, surprise break downs, safety issues, and unnecessarily elevated bills.

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