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When it comes to heating and cooling a home, one of the best options is to combine both services into a single unit. A heat pump is a two-in-one comfort solution that can maintain excellent cooling throughout hot Riverside summers, and sufficient warmth through the mild winters. Heat pumps have other fantastic benefits as well that make them increasingly popular with Southern California homeowners.

To find out if a heat pump is ideal for your home, put in a call to AAP Home Services and talk to our heating and cooling professionals. Not every house is suited to the benefits of a heat pump, and it takes the knowledge of a skilled technician to size and install the unit to fit a specific home’s needs. Our technicians are also experienced with handling the repair work and regular maintenance to make sure that a heat pump continues to do its job.

The HVAC professionals at AAP Home Services provide installation, maintenance, and repair services for heat pumps in Riverside, CA and throughout the Inland Empire.

Why Install a Heat Pump?

A heat pump operates similarly to an air conditioner: it runs on electricity and cycles refrigerant through the system to remove heat from one location and place it in another. In a standard air conditioner, heat only moves in one direction: from the inside of a home to the outside. A heat pump can reverse direction, and move heat from outside to inside, providing the house with warmth as well.

Aside from the advantage of having both heating and cooling needs take care of with a single installation, there are other good reasons to invest in a heat pump. They are highly energy–efficient when it comes to heating compared to electrical and gas–powered furnaces and boilers. The reason for this is that a heat pump does not need to burn fuel to create heat; it instead uses a small amount of electricity to shift heat from one place to another. Studies have shown that a family can save up to 30% off its heating costs during a year by switching from a furnace to a heat pump.

Heat pumps also offer safety and peace of mind. If you don’t want to use natural gas to heat your home because you are worried about carbon monoxide, a heat pump is an excellent alternative. Heat pumps are also safer than electric furnaces because their cabinets do not heat up while operating and pose no danger to children.

Finally, if you already have a ventilation network in your home for a central AC or forced–air heater, a heat pump can hook directly up to the ducts with minimum installation hassles.

We Offer Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

Keeping a heat pump working throughout the year may sometimes require calling on professional repair work. Although a malfunctioning heat pump doesn’t present the potential hazards of a gas–powered system, it still must receive service from trained technicians only. You should also schedule maintenance for it during the year to help avoid future repairs and to see that the system runs efficiently. Give us a call whenever you need repairs, or to arrange for a maintenance visit from one of our excellent technicians.

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