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Although Southern California is known for its pleasant temperatures that can last through most of the year, any resident understands that cold weather can strike at unexpected times, and hang around for long stretches during the winter months. Your home must have an effective central heating system in place that will handle these temperature drops whenever they occur. But with so many different types of heaters available today, operating from a variety of energy sources, how do you choose the right one? And how can you feel sure you will receive a quality installation?

The answer to both those questions is: “Let us handle it!” Our Riverside HVAC experts at AAP Home Services have the training and experience to see that you have the right heating system in your home, installed properly, so that your family will enjoy pleasant temperatures whenever cold weather comes along. Never risk heating installation from amateurs! Make us your first call for installation services.

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Heating Installation

What Is Your Best Choice for Heater Installation?

Each home has its own unique requirements for heating, so to make the choice of the best heating system for your home is something that requires the assistance of skilled HVAC professionals. Our team at AAP Home Services will determine the heat load level necessary to provide warmth and take into consideration your energy sources and budget plans.

Here are some of the heating systems that we often install in homes:

  • Gas furnaces: The most popular of all residential heating systems, gas furnaces are powerful and work with high energy efficiency.
  • Electric furnaces: For homes without a natural gas connection, or for homeowners who are worried about safety issues from natural gas, an electrical furnace is an effective comfort alternative.
  • Boilers: Using heated water sent to baseboard heaters or radiators is still an excellent way to make a house cozy. Boilers have long service lives, operate quietly, and provide even and clean comfort.
  • Heat pumps: Why not have your needs for heating and cooling taken care of with a single installation? A heat pump works as both a powerful AC and an energy–efficient heater. They are especially useful for places with mild winters, like Southern California.
  • Ductless heating: These heat pumps work without the need for a network of space–consuming ducts. With ductless heating, you’ll have less heating loss and lower bills, plus the benefit of controlling the temperature in different rooms independent of each other.

Our technicians will help you make the choice for the heating system that meets your needs for comfort and also your budget. Call our heating specialists today to go over the different options available to you.

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