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Although central heating and cooling systems are the most effective way to provide comfort throughout a home, they have a major drawback: whenever the central heater or air conditioner activates, it sends conditioned air to all parts of home, even though not every room may require it. If you are tired of having to warm or cool empty rooms and want a better option for finer control over the comfort in your house, consider installation of a zone control system.

For more education about zone control heating and cooling as well as to schedule service, call AAP Home Services. We can help you with planning zone control for a new HVAC installation, or retro-fit your current system for zoning. We take pride in the quality comfort we provide for Riverside, homes with the latest technology.

How Zone Control Heating and Zone Control Cooling Work

For forced–air systems that utilize ducts (air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces) the conditioned air travels through the ventilation network until it reached the vents into rooms. Zone control systems place dampers within the air ducts that can close off sections of the network so air won’t flow into some of the room. Individual thermostats operate each of the dampers so the temperature in a room can be locally controlled. All of the thermostats network into a central control panel that allows the homeowner to manipulate temperatures throughout the building.

How many “zones” are in a home is a decision for the homeowner to make. The zoning can be as basic as one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs, or as complex as dividing up every room as its own zone. When you have zone control heating and cooling installed for your home, work with the technicians to set up the ideal zone map to match your needs and budget.

The Advantages of a Zone Control System

The best benefit of setting up zone heating and zone cooling for a home is that it can significantly lower energy bills. If your house contains a guest room that only has occupants during short times of the year, why waste money keeping it warm or cool when it’s vacant? If all the bedrooms in your home are on the second floor, why bother expending money for comfort on the downstairs at night? You have many options to reduce your energy use and the strain on your AC and heater with a zone control system at work.

Another excellent advantage from zone control is that it permits the people in your household to tailor the temperature in the room they are in without affecting it elsewhere. Everyone has specific comfort requirements, but instead of haggling over changing the temperature of an entire home, the members of your household can adjust the climate locally to their satisfaction.

We Offer Zone Heating and Cooling in Riverside, CA

Call AAP Home Services if zone control sounds like something you want for your home. If you are planning to have a new heating and cooling system installed, now is the perfect time to schedule zone control as part of it. But our technicians can also retro–fit your current ventilation system for these benefits. Set up an appointment today to find out more about our zone control system services.

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