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There is no denying the integral role that your water heater plays in your day to day life. Remember, though, that there are a lot of different water heaters available on the market today. That is why it is necessary to really take the time in order to familiarize yourself with the water heaters available for installation in your home. Many people find that a hybrid water heater strikes the perfect balance between reliability and an efficient water heating performance. If you are ready to learn more about hybrid water heaters, or if you need any hybrid water heater services in Riverside, just give the experts on our staff a call today. We have the information that you need to determine if a hybrid water heater is the right fit for your needs. Call AAP Home Services with any further questions you may have.

AAP Home Services provides hybrid water heater installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services in Riverside, CA and throughout the Inland Empire.

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What is a Hybrid Water Heater?

In order to determine if a hybrid water heater is, in fact, the right option for your home, you must first better understand what a hybrid water heater is to begin with. The concept is really quite simple. A hybrid water heater is a system which takes traits of benefit from both tank and tankless water heaters, and utilizes them in order to heat water with great efficiency and reliability. Both tank and tankless water heaters have their drawbacks, with tank systems suffering standby energy loss and tankless systems more prone to being overwhelmed. By combining characteristics of the two into a hybrid model, the hybrid water heater can help you to avoid the trappings of more standard systems. Hybrid water heaters heat water using elements similar to those in tankless models, while also maintaining a small reservoir in the fashion of a tank water heater.

We Install and Service Hybrid Water Heaters in Riverside, CA

You know that a hybrid water heater is right for you; what’s the next step? To pick up your phone and to dial your hybrid water heater installation in Riverside with one of the fine technicians on our staff, of course. The fact of the matter is that, no matter how great your hybrid water heater may be, there is no chance of it operating as efficiently and effectively as possible, let alone safely, if you fail to schedule your installation with a trained professional. Let us help you to get the most from your new system.

You must also remember that routine hybrid water heater maintenance is necessary if you hope for your system to operate at peak performance levels. We depend on our water heaters a lot throughout the day, and all of that use will inevitably lead to substantial wear and tear. Regular tune–ups can help to prevent such wear and tear from leading to serious problems with your hybrid water heater.

Even so, you are likely going to encounter some problems with your water heater at some point. When you do, know that you can count on the pros at AAP Home Services to complete any necessary hybrid water heater repairs in Riverside properly. We know these systems inside and out. If you have any reason to suspect that yours is in trouble, we will get to the root of the problem, and we will ensure that your hybrid water heater is back on track in no time.