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Your sewer line backed up and the plumber came out and quickly cleared the problem. Is the problem now gone forever? Not quite… Whenever a sewer line backs up its generally the start of a long and expensive road filled with continous stoppages at the most inopportune times. Think of nights, weekends, and holidays – I’ll explain

Let’s cover some of the basics associated with sewer line stoppages

  • A sewer line is normally a 4 inch pipe (in some cases 3 inches) configured in such a manner that the water and waste is intended to flow downward and into the city main sewer line (or septic tank)
  • The largest opening into a drain system is generally no bigger then 2.5 inches (toilet outlet)
  • One would think that if the waste matter passes through the 2.5 inch toilet trap and makes it into the sewer line (that is at least 3 inches in diameter) – that it should make its way easily to the sewer main.
  • Roots tend to be the number #1 cause of sewer blockages. Cutting out the roots will only provide some temporary relief. The roots will grow back and become more aggressive with time, as they feed off of the water and waste matter.
  • Grease tends to be the #2 cause of sewer blockages. Generally speaking a grease stoppage is a result of some sort of pipe restriction and or a belly in the line whereas the downward slope isn’t complete.

So what can be done to properly address a sewer blockage and to make certain it doesn’t happen again? Today’s advancements in technology have provided us with some awesome equipment to work with. We have televised sewer cameras that can be inserted into your drain or sewer line to get a real time visual of the inner pipe and condition. In addition to that, we can also pinpoint the exact location of any problem areas to the exact depth and location.

Once the problem area(s) have been identified we can provide the available options to permanently correct them. We can perform a spot repair of the drain or sewer line if the problem is an isolated section of the piping or we can install what is now know sewer pipe liner, or trenchless sewer bursting line – in place of the entire old and damaged sewer line. All of these options come with extended warranties and are designed to minimize collateral damage to your landscape and hardscape yardwork.

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