Avoid Slab Leaks in Your Riverside or Southern CA Area Home With Slab Leak Prevention From AAP Home Services

Are you noticing a sudden increase in your water or gas bill? Is there a musty odor near your foundation? If so, then you may have a slab leak. Though slab leaks present a challenge because of their inaccessibility, the plumbers at AAP Home Services specialize in slab leak detection and repair. Call us right away if you suspect a slab leak, before the leak has time to cause extensive damage to your Southern CA area home.

What Causes A Slab Leak?

  • Improperly Installed Piping – This is the number one cause of slab leaks, so make sure your pipes are installed right the first time!
  • High Water Pressure – Excessively high water pressure can cause undue stress on the water system and lead to leaking.
  • Thermal Expansion – This is the expansion and contracting of hot water pipes as they are heated by water running through them. 70% of slab leaks are hot water slab leaks.
  • Hard Water – The minerals and elevated ph levels of hard water can contribute to slab leaks.
  • Contaminated Soil – Hot or contaminated soil can lead to pipe failure.
Slab Leak Causes & Prevention

How Can You Prevent Slab Leaks From Occurring In Your Home?

  • Hire A Qualified Plumber To Install Piping – If you are building or remodeling, then hire AAP Home Services to properly install your plumbing pipes.
  • Regulate Your Water Pressure – Always maintain your water pressure at or below 70 psi. Invest in a water pressure regulator, and have it checked annually.
  • Test Your Water Quality – If you have hard water, invest in a water conditioning system.
  • Add A Thermal Expansion Tank – An expansion tank or other protective device will eliminate the expansion problems caused by hot water.
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Questions about Slab Leaks? Call AAP Home Services For Reliable Answers!

Call AAP at (855) 893-3601 for any of your slab leak questions or concerns. We look forward to providing you with important information and expert services to solve all of your slab leak problems.
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