AAP Home Services of Riverside Answers Slab Leak FAQs For Our Southern CA Customers

When you have questions about slab leaks, consult AAP Home Services, the Southern California slab leak specialists. Here are a few of our slab leak FAQs:

A slab leak is an underground water line that has developed a crack or pin hole leak within the pipe. Slab leak detection is the process by with which we find the leak.
Some signs of a slab leak include: a spike in your water or gas bills, musty or mildewy odors, and warped wood floors or baseboards. If you hear the sound of running water when there is no water in use, or your water heater is constantly in heating mode, then you may have a slab leak.
We utilize a variety of methods depending on the nature of the leak, including electronic leak detection, water line tracing, induced air method, thermal testing and thermal imaging.
AAP offers several slab leak repair solutions, including spot repair, water line rerouting, and water system/whole house repiping. Our plumbers will explain each option and recommend a solution based on your particular slab leak situation.
It is always best to re-route or repipe the water system. If you have had one leak the chances of another leak occurring is high. By eliminating the underground piping you greatly reduce the chances of another flood to your home.
It is always best that you refer to your particular insurance policy and written coverage. However, the majority of insurance companies will not cover plumbing repairs. However, many will cover the resulting water damage on the premise that the leak is a result of a sudden burst or break.

Some insurance carriers will cover the cost associated with locating, accessing and the replacing of concrete involved in repairing the leak, but they won’t cover the cost associated with the actual pipe repair.

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