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Although a thermostat is a small unit, often sitting unnoticed on a wall during times when neither the heater nor the air conditioner in a home is running, it is an essential part of maintaining indoor comfort. Without a working thermostat, you have no way to communicate with your HVAC system or adjust the temperature. Even a small malfunction in a thermostat can result in energy waste and discomfort.

AAP Home Services offers services for thermostats in Riverside, to see that your home receives quality heating and cooling without money going to waste. We repair thermostats and install upgrades to newer thermostat technology to help you achieve greater convenience and energy efficiency in your house. Contact our thermostat specialists today to learn more.

Your Choices for Thermostat Installation

The technology behind thermostats continues to evolve at a rapid rate. If more than a decade has passed since your current thermostat was installed, it is probably outdated. Check out some of the newer thermostat options available and their benefits:

  • Digital thermostats: If you still have an old manual thermostat with sliders and dials, you are missing out on the precision and ease–of–use that comes with a digital model.
  • Programmable thermostats: With the assistance of a programmable thermostat, you can exercise control over your home’s heating and cooling when you are not there. Even the most basic model of programmable thermostat offers two settings, so the AC or heater will turn on and off automatically at two pre–set times during the day. You can always wake up to a warm house during the winter, or come home to a cool house in the summer—without running the system at unnecessary times.
  • Wireless thermostats: New wireless thermostats eliminate the restrictions on placement and make setting up a thermostat network for zone control heating and cooling easier than ever. Many wireless thermostats come with remote controls to increase convenience.
  • Smart thermostats: The leading edge in heating and cooling control technology. These thermostats have an artificial intelligence that learns from a homeowner’s patterns to develop its own program that not only provides comfort ideally suited to a home, but also conserves the maximum amount of energy. Many smart thermostats can be controlled remotely through any device with an Internet or satellite connection.

Call Us for Thermostat Installation, Replacement, and Other Services

Thermostat installation is a complex job, and you do not want to have a malfunctioning unit causing elevated heating and cooling bills or a comfort system that starts to short–cycle. Only trust the job of installing or replacing a thermostat to experienced HVAC technicians. Our team at AAP Home Services will help you select the right new unit to fit your home and budget, and then hook it up so that it works correctly and delivers on all its extra features.

Our HVAC team is also available to handle thermostat repairs. A miscalibrated thermostat is often the cause behind an AC or heater that is behaving erratically or failing to turn on or off. When you call for our repair technicians, they will investigate the thermostat to see if it is the source of the problem and repair it or advise you on replacement options. For all of your thermostat needs in Riverside, trust to our experience and dedication to quality.

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