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Before trenchless technology, repairing or replacing sewer pipes required fully exposing the pipe in question. This meant that all of the land, including walkways, driveways, trees, and shrubbery above that pipe would have to be pulled up. With older methods, sewer pipe repairs and replacements were a serious project, and often resulted in very negative outcome for your property’s visual appeal.

AAP Home Services of Riverside, CA offers trenchless technology, a less invasive way to solve sewer line problems for our Southern CA customers. We offers trenchless technology for clients who need:

  • Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement
  • Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

How Does Trenchless Technology Work?

With the trenchless method, we dig two pits at opposite ends of the pipe in question. In one pit we place a pneumatic machine which pulls a new pipe or pipe liner into place in order to replace an old one. This process has revolutionized the way we handle sewer pipe repair and replacement, and makes what used to be a complex, destructive process a less painful, less invasive and often less expensive procedure.

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Sewer problems can bring stress and headaches! Don’t dig – call AAP at (855) 893-3601. We looking forward to offering you a trenchless solution to solve your sewer problems quickly, easily, and without damage to your property.
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