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A life preserver…a smoke alarm…the airbag in your car…There are many items that we rely on to protect us in case something goes wrong. When it comes to your home’s water system, you rely on the water shutoff valve. If you need this vital part of your plumbing system repaired or replaced, call AAP Home Services. We provide water shutoff services throughout Southern CA from our Riverside location.

How Does a Water Shutoff Valve Work?

As the name suggests, this product shuts down the water supply automatically when it detects a leak within the system. Because your water supply is highly pressurized, any leak in that system will cause the pressure to drop. An automatic shutoff valve has a sensor that detects the drop in pressure and shuts down the system. Without a water shutoff valve, even a small leak can cause extensive damage to:

  • carpets
  • floors
  • walls
  • furniture
  • personal belongings

Adding a water shutoff valve to your plumbing system adds priceless protection for your entire home.

Water Shutoff Valve Installation & Repair
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If you would like to add a water shutoff valve, or have an experienced plumber make sure your existing shutoff valve is working properly, call AAP at (855) 893-3601. We look forward to providing you expert plumbing services and peace of mind!
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